Process Chillers

Inline Process Chillers

Our inline/process chiller line range in capacity from 1/2 Ton to 200 Ton! Process chillers can be used in an any number of direct-use applications where latent capacity storage isn't required (in a reservoir), or as an ideal option for customers with an existing self contained chiller (SCC) unit already configured for expansion. Process chillers are also an attractive option for the consummate DIY user who doesn't mind sourcing their own pump and reservoir components -- these units are less expensive than equivalently sized SCC units, and provide a compelling expansion option unique to the glycol chiller industry.

EcoPlus - Budget Fractional Process Chillers

Exoplus chillers are an great value-oriented alternative to our built-to-spec self-contained chillers.

ChillX - 10-20 Ton Process Chillers (Dual-circuit)

Our larger, dual-circuit 10-20 Ton process chiller line are an excellent budget-friendly choice for applications requiring a modular, scalable design. These units are also frequently used to replace antiquated chillers where existing buffer tank and distribution components are still operational and the customer prefers to simply replace the chiller portion. This new process chiller module can simply be added to the existing tank system to augment or replace the existing chiller capacity.

ChillX - 2 - 10 Ton Modular Water Cooled Chiller Cubes

Our modular, water-cooled process chiller cubes are compact, stackable chiller modules designed for maximum efficiency and easy scalability. The cubes can be easily stacked 3-4 high to minimize the footprint (indoors or out). Custom tank, pump, and controller cubes of different capacities and dimensions are available upon request. Alternatively, users may source their own pump and tank components to meet budget and other dimensional constraints.

ChillX - 1.5-10 Ton Commercial Process Chillers With-out Reservoir

These inline/process chillers are available from 2 - 10 ton and offer a compelling cooling solution unique to the industry. Models without a cabinet do not have a reservoir or pump while models with 12" cabinet include a built-in pump but no reservoir. Accordingly, if you choose a unit with-out cabinet you'll need to supply an outside pump source and your own reservoir. Units with cabinet will still require an outside reservoir.