Chiller Coils / Wort Chillers

Chiller Coils / Wort Chillers

Our standard stainless steel immersion chiller coils are hand made in the USA from the highest grade SAE-304 stainless steel (304 is standard; 316 available on request). These coils are a versatile, tried and true design that's proven to be reliable, durable, and functionally well adapted for just about any open-tank (not pressurized) heating & cooling application. Immersion chiller coils are the simplest and most affordable heating/cooling method available for "water-to-water" applications.

Common Applications:

  • Irrigation Cooling
  • Fish Tank Cooling (Aquaponics)
  • Wort Chilling
  • Food Processing (Dairy, hot/cold brew products, yogurt fermentation, and more)
  • Essential Oil Extraction

Irrigation Cooling: These coils are the perfect solution for cooling irrigation reservoirs (and safe to use with nutrients) as well as large fish tanks for greenhouse applications. Simple construction with durable stainless steel offers long term cooling performance with very minimal maintenance. Simply wipe the coils down between cycles and off you go!

Aquaponics: Immersion coils are an ideal way to make subtle adjustments to your tank systems without adding undue stress to it's residents. There are other heat exchangers to heat and cool quicker, but they can sometimes prove overly aggressive. Except of the largest of fish tanks, immersion coils are often the best way to go.

Wort Chilling: Heating and cooling are essential parts of any brewing process; these chiller coils can be used both to heat and chill your wort. They're easy to use, easy to sanitize; it's hard to go wrong with a simple wort chiller design. These are commonly used with glycol chiller systems, as well as small batch ice bucket circulation systems.

Food Processing: There are a wide variety of food processing applications where a little extra heat or a little extra cooling can go a long way to speed up production. These coils are very affordable, nearly fool proof, and can usually be adapted or customized to suit your unique process or container -- just let us know if you have special requirements or require additional guidance!

Features & Benefits:

  • Optimal Flow: Hand rolled for smooth bends and minimally restricted flow
  • Better Heat Exchange: Staggered riser stems to expand coils and improve flow/heat exchanger between coils
  • Reduced Spill Risk: Stem length and downward angle reduces risk of spilling cooling fluid into process material
  • Convenience: Riser bends provide a nice, stable point to evenly rest immersion coil on rim of container
  • Customizable: We can adjust the coil diameters and riser stem heights to suit just about any container dimensions
  • Not Copper: There are some situations when copper tubing just won't do; in general copper tubing shouldn't be used in irrigation or fertigation systems, particularly those with high or low pH.

Immersion Coil Notes:

Coil Sizing: For irrigation and aquaponic cooling applications we generally recommend ~12-15' of coil for every ton of cooling required. So, a 10 Ton chiller application would require 120' of coil in order to cool sufficiently. However, we recommend not exceeding 60' per coil as the pump requirements start to become an issue. Coil performance is largely a function of temperature differential (dT). Most of our heat exchangers are rated with a 25-30F dT, but if your dT is less or greater than ~25F you'll generally see performance that's proportional to the difference in dT. Obviously, there are other factors involved, but for fluids approximating water this will be true.

Manifold Distribution: Ideally, you should install a manifold with any application where multiple heat exchangers are required -- this ensures even distribution of flow and pressure, and a more consistent temperature differential across each heat exchanger.

Pump Selection: Be sure to size your pump appropriately for your cooling application! Please review our content on centrifugal water pumps to help size your pump.

Stainless Steel (Wort) Chiller Coils

Our Chillers stainless steel chiller coils are much more durable, more corrosion resistant, and considerably cheaper than similar copper chiller coils. Stainless chillers take slightly longer to chill than copper (because copper is a better conductor of heat), but stainless is a better solution for use in hydroponics reservoirs which may experience highly variable pH levels. These stainless steel chiller coils are made from 3/8"-OD corrosion resistant SAE-304 grade stainless.