Brazed Plates

Brazed plate heat exchangers are a tried and true design for many water-to-water, and refrigerant-to-water heating and cooling applications. Our house-brand brazed plates offer unrivaled affordability, and our Alfa Laval brand heat exchangers run the gamut on features, and build quality. Whatever you may need in a brazed plate, we're bound to have it!

Alfa Laval - CD-Series Compressed Air Dryers (Combi-dryers)

The Alfa Laval CD line is engineered for air dehumidification in compressed air drying applications, and is part of our complete offering of heat exchangers for the compressed air industry. Known as “combi-dryers,” these units bring together an air-to-air and air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger within one unit. This unique design ensures a compact installation with excellent thermal performance.

Affordable Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

These stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers are compact, efficient, durable, quite versatile, and are among the best value products we offer. These heat exchangers can be easily coupled with chilled or hot water systems to serve a wide array of applications.